The Asymmetric Kin Project

Project Statement:
For artists from Mondrian to John Cage “asymmetry” has offered a new method of responsive balance in art. Modernist and postmodernist architects and musicians have reestablished the asymmetric as primal. It seems like the modern human yearns for the asymmetric in aesthetics. Following this path, through this project we propose to link the art communities of two widely different global cities through an exchange of ideas and art that embraces the rich nature of Asymmetry.

Project Description:
Curated by the curating team of Naz Cuguoğlu & Mine Kaplangı (Istanbul) and Jonathan Rattner & Paul Collins (Nashville), this project will pair four artists from each city in a 6-­month collaborative relationship that will culminate in synchronous exhibitions in Istanbul and Nashville for the Fall of 2016. Drawing a line between Nashville and Istanbul, we are turning our eyes to “asymmetry” as an art method linking two cities with different socio­political situations, histories, and daily problems. This project is designed as a cultural exchange and a research experiment between Coop Curatorial Collective (Nashville, TN) and Creative Çukurcuma (Istanbul) supported by Seed Space (Nashville, TN) to learn from these differences and examine the nature of asymmetry.

The project will culminate in September and October of 2016 with coincident events in Istanbul and Nashville. Exhibition of the work by participating artist teams will be on view through pop­up shows in Istanbul and a month-­long exhibition of works in Nashville. Seminars, performances, screenings and artist talks by participating artists and our curating team will take place in connection with these events in both cities. We will try to use Asymmetry as a lens to examine the many questions that arise from a consideration of the different socio­political, artistic, cultural and economical realities in these two countries. At the end of this project both teams will try to define ­again­ what “asymmetry” is in our world and what the effect of linking these two divergently different communities through art is?

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